EPA Certified Lead Abatement Contractor in the…

Greater Tacoma, Seattle & Olympia Region

Thermatech Northwest is your long-trusted source for lead abatement services in the greater Seattle and Tacoma region of Western Washington.

We offer services designed specifically for the lead polluted environments found in walls, paint and soils.  Project specifications are carried out by certified RRP trained specialists who remove or stabilize lead from the site with strict control on dust migration and debris disposal. We provide a variety of lead abatement solutions designed to stabilize or remove lead contamination from any surface or application.

Residential, commercial, government, and institutional clients of Thermatech Northwest have the comfort of knowing we are  RRP trained and WISHA and OSHA compliant in all of Washington State from Bellingham to Vancouver including Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia.

Lead Testing & Site Assessment

It is estimated that over one million structures in Washington State have lead based contamination.  Our goal at Thermatech Northwest is to help residential and commercial customers identify these issues and provide common sense recommendations to protect their health, minimize financial exposure and liability, and maximize the future value of their property.

Our EPA certified field inspectors rely on their deep knowledge of indoor environmental hazards when assessing homes and offices for lead based paint. They are qualified to perform a wide variety of tests to identify the specific areas of lead materials.

Following all guidelines provided by the EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program, Thermatech Northwest will prepare a lead abatement proposal and communicate all options available for lead abatement or stabilization prior to any removal activities.

When is lead testing recommended?

  • Buying a structure built before 1979
  • Before starting a home remodel or tenant improvement project
  • Starting a home garden or industrial site work
  • Homes and offices with infants and small children

Solutions for Lead Contaimination

Lead Abatement

Using advanced systems and technology, our certified, experienced personnel can measure the extent of your lead problem, devise an effective solution, and execute a program that brings you into compliance with federal and local regulations. Our technical expertise and broad experience has allowed us to successfully complete hundreds of lead abatement projects within demanding schedules and budgets.

Lead Removal

Thermatech Northwest has the resources and training necessary to offer a variety of lead-based paint removal techniques, including abrasion, heat scraping, and chemical and mechanical removal. Each incorporates rigorous controls to eliminate the spread of lead dust or fumes during the process. Proper containment, removal, and disposal is accomplished in full accordance with all applicable regulations set forth by the EPA and OSHA.

Lead Stabilization

Lead stabilization can provide an equally effective and less costly alternative to lead removal. One stabilization method is enclosure. It is accomplished by enclosing the lead painted surface with a durable substance, such as drywall, paneling, or siding. Another method is encapsulation. It involves coating or sealing interior or exterior surface paint with a durable liquid that can provide a high resistance to weathering, vapor transmission, abrasion and fire.

These procedures should only be completed by a certified Lead Abatement Contractor in accordance with all of the regulations set by the EPA and OSHA.

Preferred Lead Abatement Selected Bidder for Many Emergency Projects.

We have an excellent working relationship with several consultants, large restoration companies and government JOC, MATOC, SABER, and IDIQ contractors, who routinely contract with us to deliver lead abatement and stabilization services.

THERMATECH NORTHWEST, INC. is Licensed, Insured and Bonded

We are proud to work side-by-side with our customers and their insurance providers, to provide safe, professional hazardous waste removal and emergency response services.

All of us here at THERMATECH NORTHWEST, INC. look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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