Infection Control During Construction

Protecting healthcare facilities during construction and renovation projects and preventing transmission of infectious agents to vulnerable patient populations, health care workers, and visitors remains an important component of infection control programs. Environmental dispersal of dust and microorganisms during construction, can negatively affect air quality, resulting in risk of infection in some patients.

Thermatech Northwest has the knowledge, expertise, and resources to manage environmental infection control during healthcare renovation and construction activities. We ensure that infection control guidelines are met during each project. We understand and strictly follow all environmental remediation and infection control protocols. Our company and employees meet all regulatory and accreditation requirements. Most importantly, we know how to safely get our work done with minimal disruption to the hospitals daily activities.

Dust Control During Construction

Whether undertaking a large construction project or a small facility renovation, maintaining health and safety standards is critically important. To protect patients, staff, and visitors, Thermatech Northwest follows healthcare organization and regulatory policies to provide infection control during construction. Through the proper containment of dust and debris, Thermatech Northwest can reduce the risk of harmful particles and acquired infections during construction.

Thermatech Northwest works closely with facility management to develop control and safety strategies, install containment barriers, perform sensitive demolition and remediation, maintain air quality, perform air scrubbing using HEPA filtration, create negative pressure rooms, and keep the work area clean and disinfected. Our goal is to mitigate dust and debris, and provide the best possible infection control for patient, staff, and visitor safety.

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