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Thermatech Northwest is dedicated to setting the standard as the leader in the remediation and abatement of hazardous materials. We want to be the organization known for the care and respect we show for our people, our customers and the environment in which we live and upon which we all depend.

Our Services

MOLD mold-bg-1

Certified Mold Remediation in the Greater Seattle, Tacoma, & Western Washington Regions

Thermatech Northwest has vast experience in mold removal and remediation in residential as well as commercial properties in Puget Sound. Our technicians are well trained, qualified and certified to undertake any kind of mold problem in your home or business. We have developed proven mold remediation processes which allow us to safely and quickly eliminate your mold problems.

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LEAD lead-bg-2

EPA Certified Lead Abatement Contractor in the Greater Tacoma, Seattle & Olympia Region

Thermatech Northwest is your long-trusted source for lead abatement services in the greater Seattle and Tacoma region of Western Washington. We offer services designed specifically for the lead polluted environments found in walls, paint and soils. Project specifications are carried out by certified RRP trained specialists.

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asbestos-1 asbestosbg-1

AHERA Building Inspection Asbestos Abatement in the Greater Seattle, Tacoma & Olympia Washington Area

Thermatech Northwest has the experience, training, and equipment to protect you and your environment from the hazards of all dangerous asbestos materials. Using the latest equipment, advanced protocols, and fully qualified technicians and AHERA Certified Building Inspectors, we can successfully meet your legal, health and safety requirements.

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Infection_2 infection-bg-2

Infection & Dust Control During Construction

Protecting healthcare facilities during construction and renovation projects and preventing transmission of infectious agents to vulnerable patient populations, health care workers, and visitors remains an important component of infection control programs. Environmental dispersal of dust and microorganisms during construction, can negatively affect air quality, resulting in risk of infection in some patients.

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DEMOLITION demolition-bg-2

Expert Demolition in the Greater Seattle, Tacoma, & Western Washington Regions

Our technicians are well trained, qualified and certified to undertake all types of demolition in your home or business, with an ultimate concern for both customer and employee safety. We pay special attention to our client’s demolition needs so that work is performed seamlessly and without interruption to daily operations.

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BIOTRAUMA demolition-bg-2

Expert Bio Hazard and Trauma Clean up in the Greater Seattle, Tacoma, & Western Washington Regions

Our technicians are well-versed and trained in the lawful and safe cleanup of former meth lab sites. The work is extremely dangerous and requires professional remediation due to the number of health hazards that can be present.

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INSULATION demolition-bg-2

Expert Insulation in the Greater Seattle, Tacoma, & Western Washington Regions

Whether you need to fix damage from rodent infestation, roof leaks, or are remodeling, we are your trusted partner to safely remove and replace old and deteriorating insulation. We also provide air sealing, sanitization, deodorizing, crawl space clean out, sub flooring insulation and installation of new insulation.

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